Heather Kugel - Creative Strategist
Heather Kugel
Director, Creative Services

What does it take to coax great ideas out of a few scraps of brand information? How do you inspire a creative team to climb a mountain when it seems to be made of glass? In Heather’s case it’s all about being a player-coach.

Heather joined TMPG after having worked in sales at MediaMax network where she sold properties that included Vogue, Vanity Fair, GQ, The New Yorker and Conde Nast Traveler. She quickly used that experience to expand TMPG’s promotional model. Heather is totally immersed in the newest digital, mobile and social media platforms, and her tactical wizardry enables her to seamlessly integrate them with TMPG’s more traditional media offerings. Her 360° approach is a key element of our success.

In her own words, Heather is “married to volleyball” as a fierce competitor and a coach. So it’s no surprise that she brings a coach’s passion and “can do” attitude to TMPG’s creative team, inspiring them to constantly outdo themselves and make our clients stand out. To keep the adrenaline and creative juices flowing, Heather likes to travel (thirty countries and counting), jump out of planes, cliff dive, snow board, and raft the nastiest rapids.

While Heather would be the first to say that it takes a team to bring great ideas to life, she can take a lot of credit for the trophies that line our office walls.