Jill Hamilton - Senior VP. Media Director
Jill Hamilton
Senior VP. Media Director

Jill might not have been around when Marconi invented the radio, but she sure could have given him some pointers on how to make it pay off.

Jill arrived at TMPG eighteen years ago as a freshly minted Iona MBA. As one of our first employees, she helped create and perfect TMPG’s promotions-as-programming model that eventually became the industry standard. And as listening habits and technologies change over time, Jill has been instrumental in refining and expanding our model to include all of the newest digital platforms.

Under Jill’s expert guidance we’ve built a media team that’s second to none, with a reputation for delivering maximum value and flawless execution. She’s all about relationships, and if you’re not on Jill’s contact list, you’re probably not working in radio. Whether it’s one market or a hundred markets, and whether we have one month or one day to get it done, Jill and her team consistently deliver the goods.