Michael Valentino - CEO
Michael Valentino

Lots of entrepreneurs build companies around innovative ideas, but only an infinitesimal few can boast a vibrant, growing organization almost a quarter of a century later.

Mike founded TMPG in 1991 after an 18-year senior management career with leading U.S. radio stations and ownership groups. Looking to deliver more value to advertisers and generate more revenue for his stations, Mike seized on the notion of featuring promotions as programming. That lifted his advertisers out of the commercial spot clutter, gave listeners more reasons to stay tuned-in and boosted station revenues. Brands quickly saw the value in this new model, and Mike, responding to their requests to go national with the concept, used it as the basis of his new company.

Mike’s sales savvy isn’t the only reason that TMPG continues to thrive in a highly competitive field. He is fearless in tackling new media and promotion platforms, and constantly encourages and empowers his staff to stretch the limits of what they previously thought possible. Mike leads with his heart and inspires through example. He keeps things rocking with a razor sharp sense of humor and a laugh that echoes down the halls to every corner of the office.